Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of making machines intelligent such that it can perceive data externally and learn from them to improve future results.

Want to Learn

Looking around today from self driving cars to intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Google now, everything is AI. Eventual goal of AI is to outperform human beings at any cognitive tasks. Currently, it can be true for some of the tasks like gaming etc. While, AI can be super useful in medical science as well as in day to day life like self driving cars and personal assistant but there are some grey shades of AI. Somebody can program the machines to be really destructive like autonomous weapons which are designed to murder people like human bombs. Hence, lately a lot of investment is been done towards the safety of AI systems.

Role of Artificial Intelligence
AI is the technology of making machines like humans who can think and learn independently from the past events and is affecting our day to day life with personal assistants, cleaning robots, self driving cars etc.
Who should learn?
If you are a research oriented person with some knowledge of python, big data and analytics.
How will it help me?
You can work with some great people for some real big shots working in these areas like Google personal assistant or self driving cars, Facebook Jarvis, Amazon Echo, Apple Siri etc .

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