Data Mining

Data mining is a computational process which determines a pattern in a large data set automatically which may help in future predictions. It is useful for an organization having tremendous amount of data which could be used to predict any future outcomes.

Want to Learn

Data mining is a pretty extensive and exhaustive method. The key steps involved are data collection in huge amounts wither on servers or cloud, processing this humongous data and building a model around it and finally using the model to predict future results and validate it. A few common data mining techniques are clustering analysis, classification analysis, anomaly detection and regression analysis.

Role of Data Mining
Data mining helps in finding a useful pattern in huge datasets of companies and could lead to some significant insights which may help in increasing revenue.
Who should learn?
Anyone planning to become a data analyst or have interest in working on huge dataset with a scientific aptitude.
How will it help me?
It will help your career overall as data mining is a buzzword these days and you can improve your package significantly ;)

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