HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

HTML is a standardized markup language widely used for creating any sort of web pages and web applications and is fairly easy to learn.

Want to Learn

HTML is a markup language which consists of markup symbols that world wide web (www) browsers use to interpret text, images or any other kind of audible/visual elements on the page. Any website that you are visiting is an HTML document which can be further broken down to structure of nested HTML elements like heading, paragraph, image, link etc.

Role of HTML
The role of HTML is to add a certain set of tags to the content such that it acts as the structural layer of the webpage. However, it does not concern the design and functionality of the webpage which is primarily controlled by CSS and Javascript respectively.
Who should learn?
It’s compulsory for any web developer and it does not matter whether you are a frontend, backend or full stack developer.
How will it help me?
You can aim to become a decent front end developer with an in depth knowledge of HTML accompanied with some CSS and Javascript.

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