MERN stack

MERN stack is a powerful boilerplate that helps you develop robust and fast React JS applications using Mongo (as database), Express (as Node JS web application framework), React JS (as front end library) and Node JS (as server framework).

Want to Learn

MERN stack is becoming very popular stack for building applications these days and a lot of startups are using it for development. It uses Mongo DB which is a leading and easily scalable NoSQL database. With Node and Express, one can make their application really fast because of single threaded and non blocking properties of Node.

Role of MERN stack
React in MERN stack allows to build reusable components which makes you a little slower in initial development phase but eventually gives you a lot of control and power for building scalable applications. Hence, startups are going toward MERN stack from MEAN stack.
Who should learn?
Full stack developers with strong background in ES6 and HTML.
How will it help me?
If you are planning to work in a startup or fast growing technology companies, MERN stack is pretty good to have.

Top 3 Tutorials For MERN stack