Node JS

Node.js is an open source and single threaded server framework written in Javascript. It is one of the most popular framework for executing Javascript code on server side.

Want to Learn

Node.js is becoming an increasingly popular server side technology built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js is asynchronous and event driven in nature which makes it lightweight and efficient as it prevents any sort of blocking and allows the rest of the code to run in the meanwhile

Role of Node JS
Node JS has non-blocking I/O calls and single threaded nature which allows multiple concurrent connections at zero cost and hence aimed for highly scalable applications.
Who should learn?
Any backend developer with some knowledge of Javascript should consider learning Node.js.
How will it help me?
New technologies always help techies for promotions, appraisals, job move etc. All new startups and even older companies are moving towards Node, React, Angular etc.

Top 7 Tutorials For Node JS