React JS

React is an efficient open source Javascript library for building and handling of user interfaces for web and mobile apps. It is maintained mainly by Facebook and partially by individual contributors.

Want to Learn

React is a Javascript library for building high speed and scalable user interfaces (UI). React allows us to make reusable components and the main advantage of React JS is that whenever data changes, it only re renders the component affected by the data and not the entire page.

Role of React JS
React JS is not a complete framework and is essentially the “View” part in Model-View-Controller framework unlike Angular JS.
Who should learn?
Frontend developers should consider learning React JS as it is a rapidly growing frontend technology.
How will it help me?
New technologies always help techies for promotions, appraisals, job move etc. All new startups and even older companies are moving towards React, Angular etc for their frontends.

Top 9 Tutorials For React JS